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 10 December 2003


Although I am a Dutch speaker of birth, I think an open letter to the world, should be readable by more then just Dutch people so most of the things I am gonna present here will be in English. I hope that doesn't offend you.

I grew up in the small town called St. Pancras in the northwest (Noord-Holland) of the Netherlands. It's the place where my parents got deforced and where my father lived till his death in 2008. After I finished school I went to Nijmegen, I had a girlfriend there and we lived there together for three years. After that relationship ended, I moved to Utrecht, where I still live.

My greatest passion in life is the beach which resulted in the biggest website I maintain: From the early days of my life our family spend the holidays on the beach of Egmond aan Zee. My grandmother (and grandfather of course), started camping on the beach after the second world war. In the course of the years that camping with a tent changed in to building small wooden houses and later the use of mobile homes. For more on this see the picture collection at Strand

Due to my work for SNV, I got the change to see something of the world. Places I have been:

I am not very good in speaking about myself, so I end this letter here. Hope it serves its purpose, and if you are not happy about it or expected more, you could always write me back.


Dennis Leeuw

dleeuw at made-it dot com

My Curriculum Vitae.